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Our personal trainers provide motivation and guidance to help you tone, lose weight, and aid you in developing a healthier lifestyle. Your trainer is your accountability tool to get you maximum results.                                                                                                                      

Leilani Heno

Owner/Motivational Speaker/Author/Executive MBA/TV Personality

Leilani has successfully lost over 100 pounds and has kept it off.
Earned a Bachelors of Science in Marketing, Management, Finance and Statistics. She also holds an MBA (Masters of Business Administration).
Leilani Has created 9 successful businesses since the age of 7 but she is best Known for her upscale personal training facility, X-Trainers, llc and her informative Fitness Segments on Fox8 News.

Matthew Parker - LEAD TRAINER

Matthew"s knowledge of body mechanics and attention to detail blend in well with X-Trainers' personal service. Some things, like good old-fashioned manners, are hard to come by. So when we saw it in Matthew we just had to snatch him just for you. Matthew is certified and insured.  Follow this link to learn a is a little bit more information on Matthew: https://www.facebook.com/xtrainers.personaltraining/photos/a.168670055012.250429.100770550012/10157625900195013/?type=3&theater

Shaquille Savoy

If you love food but you also love the idea of being in shape, then you will love our newest team member. Shaquille is a Certified Culinarian AND dynamic Personal Trainer all in one. At X-Trainers our fat loss success rate is high because we recognize that nutrition and exercise go hand and hand. Without proper nutrients, your body lacks the building blocks to develop properly. As a culinarian, Shaquille understands the importance of addressing both sides of the health and fitness equation. Therefore, when you train with Shaq you get the best of both worlds. 504-482-2348

Jacobi Frank

Degrees: Masters degree in Sports Administration
Jacobi's has a Masters in Sports Administration from Grambling and is a baseball scholarship recipient. Jacobi did a short stay in the Minor Leagues and now he brings his professional skills to us at X-Trainers. Jacobi is Certified and insured.

If you or someone you know would like to join our team, email your resume' to trainer@x-trainers.com. Please include a copy of your current certification(s). A positive attitude and team player is a must Or Call 504-482-2FIT (2348). 1 year minimum commitment

For more info visit http://shop.x-trainers.com