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After losing and gaining 100 pounds five times, Leilani finally learned the secret to losing weight and keeping it off. Once learned, Leilani developed a system to duplicate her results with others. This system is the backbone of X-Trainers, LLC’s Success. Leilani was named the Top Fundraiser for saving premature babies for the March of Dimes in June 2009 and she was chosen as one of the March of Dimes 2009 Outstanding Young Professionals.

Leilani was also selected as one of New Orleans Magazine's Top Female Achievers and Gambit Weekly’s 40 under 40 to watch in November 2009. Leilani Heno is the author of three books including, "Smothering the Soul - Weight Loss Made Simple." For four years Leilani has served as the fitness expert on Fox8 News at noon. Nationally, Leilani starred in Health Cops New Orleans for the 6-week Discovery Channel Television Series. Leilani is a Goldman Sachs Graduate, has a Bachelor or Science degree in Marketing and holds a Masters in Business Administration.

Company Profile

X-Trainers, LLC is a professional personal training company with a 91% success rate. X-Trainers provides services such as personal training, weight loss, strength building, Sport-Specific training, Plyometric training, Youth Agility conditioning, Nutritional Monitoring, Body Fat Testing, Metabolism analysis and a Healthy Meal Delivery Service.

X-Trainers, LLC began as a small in-home location, but quickly expanded by creating strategic partnerships. X-Trainers partnered with six of the top fitness centers in New Orleans including the YMCA and Central Fitness which resulted in a rise in the number of gym memberships by an average of 200 clients per gym. X-Trainers is responsible for the start up of the first 24-hour fitness center in the GNO Area.

X-Trainers has also created 17 corporate Fitness Programs including Partnering with Whole Foods where X- Trainers’ Healthy Meal System (PV-2squared) was launched. Once the X-Trainers system was tested and proven successful, the first standalone location was launched. Five locations followed. Three of which were in the buildout phase when Hurricane Katrina hit.

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    "Leilani's style is conversational and engaging. She has the gift of motivation."
                                                         --Linda Macey, Human Resources