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Company Profile:

X-Trainers, LLC is a professional personal training company with a 91% success rate. X-Trainers provides services such as personal training, weight loss, strength building, Sport-Specific training, Plyometric training, Youth Agility conditioning, Nutritional Monitoring, Body Fat and Metabolism analysis.

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What Have We Done?

Becoming an X-Trainers Franchise Owner:  

The owners of X-Trainers are committed to building a successful network of personal training studios. Along with a proven business model, X-Trainers offers several services that will help franchisees succeed.

From the beginning:  

X-Trainers is your partner in helping your business grow. Many areas of business involve negotiations.  We will help you save money in startup costs, insurance, advertising contracts, employee costs and in many other areas.

Group Discounts:

X-Trainers Franchise Owners enjoy substantial company discounts and rebates on items such as: uniforms, competition fees, shoes, t-shirt printing and apparel to sell in your studio.

Studio Design and Rental:

X-Trainers can custom-design a new building or renovate an existing structure to be a state-of-the-art studio for you to lease.

Equipment Rental:

X-Trainers can advise you on equipment needs and where to make purchases.  

Initial Management Training:

During our training program, you will be taken through the important processes in running your own business.  All aspects of the X-Trainers’ program are systemized to make it easy for you.  Hundreds of hours of trial and error over the last 15 years have resulted in a comprehensive training program complete with practical experience at our existing studio.

Before your gym opens, you’ll attend a week-long training session at our corporate headquarters. We’ll cover topics such as:

Advanced Training/Services:

After your gym opens, Advanced Training gives you detailed information about:

Continuing Support and Education:

Through our network of managers and specialists, you will have complete access to our knowledge and experience.  You will also be assigned a Regional Manager who will act as your Mentor. Your mentor will help you make the most of the resources available to you.

Managing Employees:

Whom to hire, how many to hire, how to keep them motivated, noncompete agreements… Having employees can be very challenging.  We will share with you our 15 years of employee relations and equip you with the tools you need to build a quality team.  We have a very successful system in place that we will share with you and allow your staff to participate in.  This system builds loyalty to you as the owner and to X-Trainers as a company. In your training; you will learn important information about managing employees. Our system includes taped scripts, as well as, an easy to follow Trainers’ Manual.

Advertising and Marketing:

We can help you in knowing what to do to build your business. Without some assistance it will become very costly to experiment with many advertising strategies in your area.  In addition, we have spent thousands of dollars to have a startup advertising campaign prepared for you. 

All new franchise owners will be provided with a 12-month advertising plan.  Your costs are for resigning only.

Our marketing programs have been created and tested to increase your client base.  This system includes taped sales scripts to teach your staff exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it. We also advertise all of our studios in national industry publications.

Origin and Ownership:

Since the age of five, Leilani has struggled with weight loss. She finally won this battle in 1989 when she lost 85 pounds. In 1990, Heno created X-Trainers, LLC, a professional personal training company. Since then, the company has grown from one personal trainer to a team of three Physical Therapists, seven Certified Personal Trainers, a Cardiac Nurse, and an Exercise Physiologist.


Future Growth through Franchises:

In order to continue X-Trainers’ growth and maintain existing company standards, X-Trainers has adopted franchising as its new growth model. Over the next two years we will branch out into the Greater New Orleans Area with three additional facilities X-Trainers, LLC five-year plan includes franchises in Texas , Chicago and Atlanta

Becoming an X-Trainers Franchise allows you to enjoy the benefits of owning and operating a training center, receive 100% of the profits, and utilize the vast support systems, policies, manuals and philosophies of X-Trainers that have proven themselves over time.

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