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X-Trainers, LLC is a professional personal training company with a 94% weight loss success rate. X-Trainers provides services such as personal training, weight loss systems, strength building, Sport-Specific training, Plyometric training, Youth Agility conditioning, Nutritional Monitoring, Body Fat Testing, Metabolism analysis, Hybrid Gym Memberships, and a Healthy Meal Delivery Service.

Working with one of our personal trainers is a unique experience. We don’t offer the typical "get-em-in get-em-out" weight training routine. We take time to ask you what type of activities you like. Then we combine a fitness program around your interests. We realize that people are different and therefore, require variety. From the extremely intense "sweat bucket" routine, to the "I know this is good for me but I just don’t feel like it today" plan; we do it all. No matter what, with X-Trainers, you will reach your goal.

RESULTS - We have a 94% Success Rate        

MONEY BACK - We are so confident in our program that we gladly give you $5 back for every consecutive pound you lose after 10 consecutive pounds! 

VESTED INTEREST - Our trainers are rewarded based on YOUR progress. The better you do, the more they get paid. Therefore, they have a vested interest in YOUR success.                                        

PRIVACY - We only offer private sessions. Therefore your workout is never interrupted.

  "Hey, I just wanted to say thanks... The look on my fiancées face last night when I finished dressing   was worth every penny I've invested so far".

        ---Dea, Chef